Labuan b Pecatu


Area: Uluwatu

Class: business

Type: apartments

Type of the house: monolithic

Floors: 2

Number of apartments: 160 apartments and 140 villas

Area sq.m: from 51 sq.m to 150 sq.m

Finishing: designer

Parking: ground

Security: security, video surveillance

Number of rooms: 1

Number of rooms: 2

Number of rooms: 3

Readiness: 2024

About the complex
Facilities on the territory:
Places nearby
Payment system

About the complex

"LABUAN IN PECATU" is one of the most unique and largest projects in Bali, consisting of a residential complex with 160 premium apartments and 140 luxury villas.

The territory of the complex is surrounded by tropical forests, which hide from prying eyes and give a feeling of unity with nature. A low-traffic asphalt road leads to the complex, and there is a closed parking lot at the entrance. The complex is designed in a “city within a city” format and includes: restaurants, retreat centers, a gym, a children’s center, and a recreation area with a swimming pool. Nearby are the beaches of Padang Padang, Nyang Nyang, Karma Beach.

Facilities on the territory:

  • restaurants,
  • gym
  • SPA
  • children's center
  • infinity rooftop pools

Places nearby

  • beaches
  • restaurants

Payment system

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