Sky Garden


Area: Pererenan

Type: apartments

House type: monolithic

Class: business

Number of buildings: 2

Number of storeys: 3 - 4

Area sq.m: 41 - 43

Finishing: finishing with furniture

Safety: 24/7 video surveillance and security

Parking: private parking

Number of rooms: 1

Readiness: 2025

About the complex
Facilities on the territory:
Places nearby:
Payment system

About the complex

Sky Garden Apartments - a complex of 76 private apartments with five-star service and infrastructure for an exceptional experience for guests and investors. A sense of personal comfort and safety, impeccable service and environmentally friendly technologies, including hotel and residential infrastructure within the project, are guaranteed.

Externally relaxed atmosphere and organically created energy inside the complex
complement each other. The authors of the project thought through every element - from high ceilings, thanks to which the spaces are filled with air, to convenient parking for cars.

Facilities on the territory:

  • meeting area
  • co-working space
  • massage services
  • infinity pool
  • place for sunsets
  • sports area

Places nearby:

  • the beach is a 5-minute walk
  • gyms and spas
  • shopping centers
  • restaurants and cafe

Payment system

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