Elysium Apartments


Area: Pererenan

Type: villas

House type: monolithic

Number of buildings: 4

Number of storeys: 4

Area sq.m: 50 - 54

Finishing: finishing with furniture

Safety: call system with round -the -clock security

Parking: ground

Number of rooms: studio

Readiness: 2026

About the complex
Facilities on the territory:
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About the complex

Elysium is the largest unique eco-city located in Perenan, which occupies a space of 2 hectares 600 meters from the Lyma Beach, embodied in the style of modern Singapore.
This is a place where urban design and Bali nature are in harmony, creating a comfortable space for life, work and rest.

In Elysium, extensive infrastructure: there are spacious yoga studios, modern coworking and picturesque retail zones, offering a variety of goods and services, 3 recreation areas with spacious pools.

For nature lovers, green park and walking areas along the river are provided. In addition, in Elysium there are several restaurants with magnificent views of the 4th floor. This is a place where modernity and nature are intertwined, creating an environmentally friendly and stable space for life.

Facilities on the territory:

  • concierge service, spa, gym
  • coworking zone
  • retail zone
  • trading pavilion
  • butyer zone
  • restaurant with views of the ocean and volcanoes
  • yoga studio
  • beauty salon, cinema
  • halls for negotiations

Places nearby

The complex is located around the green zone (rolling rice fields) and along the picturesque river. Elysium is 10 minutes from Nuanu City - the Center for Cultural events. Music festivals, art exhibitions and master classes are regularly held her.

Payment system

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