Quarter «Tishinsky Boulevard»


Address: Elektrichesky lane, 1

District: СAO

Area: Presnensky

Metro: Belarusian

Ceilings: 3,35-8,25

Class: premium

House type: monolithic

Number of buildings: 14

Number of storeys: 3 - 24

Area sq.m: 45-242,6

Finishing: without finishing

Parking: underground, guest

Safety: security, video surveillance

Prices: 50.98 - 240.64 mil rub

Number of rooms: 1

Number of rooms: 2

Number of rooms: 3

Readiness: 2027

About the complex
Facilities on the territory:
Payment system

About the complex

"Tishinsky Boulevard" is a quiet green elite quarter on Tishinka, in a prestigious and comfortable area of ​​the center of Moscow. It has a unique for an elite house promenade boulevard in a huge 2.1 hectare courtyard park. The courtyard is equipped with areas for active and quiet recreation, indoor galleries, private green rooms, a multifunctional sports ground, a workout zone, a children's playground, a dry fountain, a stream.

The quarter has a rich infrastructure only for residents, including Clubhouse - a unique for the market, thoughtful and rich infrastructure center. It provides a neighborhood center with a terrace according to the Friend's Lab standard for meetings and joint recreation of residents, a children's play club according to the KID'S LAB standard, spaces for a healthy lifestyle according to the Fit Lab standard with a free fitness club with a swimming pool.

"Tishinsky Boulevard" is a chic quarter, where each house is unique and has an individual inimitable architecture with facades made of premium materials. There is a wide choice of functional layouts, thought out to the smallest detail.

Facilities on the territory:

  • pool
  • fitness club
  • children's room
  • a park
  • sports grounds

Payment system

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