Layan Verde


Area: Layan

Type: apartments

Class: luxury, premium

Number of buildings: Luxury – 6 / Premium – 9

Number of storeys: 6 - 7

Number of rooms: multi-room

Area sq.m: 40.3 - 539.6

Finishing: finished finishing

Parking: ground parking

Safety: 24/7 video surveillance and security

Number of rooms: studio

Number of rooms: 1

Number of rooms: 2

Number of rooms: 3

Readiness: 2026 - 2027

About the complex
Facilities on the territory:
Places nearby
Payment system

About the complex

Layan Verde embodies the spirit of Phuket, where uniqueness, splendor and culture come together in perfect symbiosis.

The project area includes hotels, residences, shopping areas and all the necessary infrastructure. Here style, comfort and luxury become a way of life.

Layan Verde is an art, the art of creating complex architectural and technological solutions that highlight the nature and culture of Phuket.

Facilities on the territory:

  • ocean club
  • 16+ restaurants, bars and cafes
  • kids club
  • SPA centers
  • GYM's
  • sports grounds
  • coworking spaces
  • recreation areas
  • shopping center

Places nearby

  • beaches
  • schools
  • hospitals
  • shopping centers
  • restaurants
  • cafes and bars
  • fitness rooms
  • supermarkets
  • attractions
  • tennis fields
  • golf courses

Payment system

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